Sara Auty set up SAZ MEDIA, a film and photography social enterprise in Stockport, to provide services to local businesses and individuals, alongside providing workshops to up-skill and enrich local communities with a focus on supporting young people.

Sara Auty

The 31-year-old has seen it as a priority to maintain her social mission through the pandemic as well as trading.

She said: “Being a social enterprise means you put purpose before profit. That is not to say we do not make a considerable contribution to the local economy, but we also really care about the people in our communities.

“The kids that I work with depend on it. We do free photography and film workshops, and over the summer we held a photography trail to keep contact with young people, most of whom have additional needs and have told me through lockdown they had struggled and had suicidal thoughts, so it had to be done.

“Being a social enterprise is all about being adaptable, balancing trading with community impact. It is extremely rewarding when you strike the right balance.”