Lucy Danger, is CEO of social enterprise EMERGE Recycling (East Manchester Environment & Resources Group Emerge) who employ local people and volunteers, and sees it as vital to be accountable to the community.

Lucy Danger, Manchester social enterprise hero & legend.

She says: “Our core mission is to make things better, environmentally, socially, and economically, in East Manchester and beyond.

“Social enterprises are not only interested in making money, we want to do this, but in a properly sustainable way that is respectful of our planet, nature, and people. It is in our DNA.

“EMERGE Recycling actively employs local people; we develop our people and strive to engage them in our decision making.

“Thanks to COVID19, it continues to be a challenging time, but we are thankful for the support from numerous funders to ‘build back better’ and that’s what we’re working to achieve.

“We are digitising whatever processes we can and in 2021 we are moving into a bigger, better HQ building which will be more fit for our purposes, we are also planning to invest in our fleet, with a Community Share Offer in December.”